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Secure Payment
We offer secure payment
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About these services:
Next to each product will find the button "Add to Cart." Pressing this button opens a new window with the list of selected products. By default, always add 1 unit of each product but if you can indicate more units from the purchase screen.
At all times, observe in the upper right of each page the "View Cart", pressing you to your shopping list.
Depending on the amount of your purchase will be charged shipping or not. In any case, the amount you see on the shopping list is the final amount of your order (remember that all our products include VAT).
Once you have completed your order from the shopping list click the "Proceed to pay". This takes you to the PayPal payment gateway where you can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account.
Review the data you have included for shipping because that is the direction we ship your order.

By Cash:
If you pay on delivery shipping costs are the same as for purchase through the web over 3% of your total purchase cost on delivery


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