Pioneering company in the certification of all its processes and products

Alissi Bronte, S.L. is a pioneer in the certification of all its processes and products. All our certifications are based on the highest international standards such as ISO, UNE Standards and National and International Standards.

Based on the most stringent controls through both internal and external international certification we have achieved the highest standards of Quality Systems and Environmental Management.

But not only are our processes are assessed, but all our products are tested and cataloged at source, both the organic material used as the final product, cataloging its quality or SPA function.

International and national associations have recognized our work in quality, environmentally friendly, organic and natural spa products.

Certified Quality

Quality is our commitment. We conduct a thorough selection of our materials that are natural, effective, ecological and obtained from all sources on the planet.

All processes can offer our clients an internationally certified quality (UNE-EN-ISO 9001:00).

Certification of Quality Management SGS System ISO 9000 allows us to demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as well as our commitment to continual improvement of our quality systems, integrating the realities of a changing world.

To date, SGS is the most important  international certification body established auditing  more than 50,000 companies worldwide to achieve certification under ISO 9001 in more than 70 countries.

Alissi Brontë is certified for the design, manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products.

Product Quality is a minimum requirement that gives assurance to our customers. Today this is be audited and certified and therefore Alissi Brontë has its Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001.

Respect for the environment

We have an International Certificate of care and our deep respect for the environment. ISO 14001.

All our processes cause the maximun respect to the environment.

Alissi Brontë cares for the environment for you so that when using any of our products you also know that we care about our planet and only work with a high philosophy of Sustainable Development.

ISO 14001 is the most  internationally recognised standard that sets out how to implement an effective environmental management system (EMS). The standard is designed for  reducing environmental impact.

This means you can identify aspects of the business that have an impact on the environment and understand those environmental laws that are relevant to the situation. The next step is to produce objectives for improvement and a management program to achieve them, with regular reviews for continual improvement. Thus, we can assess the system and, observing the rules, register the company for ISO 14001.

It is imperative that clients concerns for environment ask for proves that  show that the companies  manufacture their  products with respect to enviroment and natural resources, it is very important  for a company that is considered natural  and want to show it is Enviroment Friendly to prove it with  a Certificate of Environmental Management as  ISO 14001 that really shows and proves  respect the environment with International recognised standards.

Pioneers in Research, Development and Innovation (R & D + i)

Alissi Bronte, S.L. is the first research laboratory in Spain with Certification in obtaining R & D products, Research and Innovative products with proven and contrasted effectiveness.

All of our research studies undertake to obtain the most effective products for the professional sector.

We have achived the Certificate of Researching and Develpoment, R & D + i  UNE 166.002.

Alissi Brontë cares for the Environment for you so that when using any of our products you also know that we care about our planet and only work with a high philosophy of Sustainable Development.

Alissi Bronte, S.L. is the first Spanish cosmetics company certified for "research, development and innovation of high scientific and professional makeup cosmetics".

Which is a fundamental basis for us as it is the clearest way to show our customers that the  R & D Laboratories of Alissi Bronte create the best treatments for your skin, acheiving new, innovative products alongside greater effectiveness.

Through this Certificate Alissi Bronte our Laboratories International R & D are located at the highest international level for the continuous research of innovative and effective products for your skin.

Alissi Bronte is the first cosmetics company certified by the Standard Spanish 166.002 for Research, Development and Innovation of dermatological make-up and cosmetic science.

Alissi Bronte, S.L. true to its philosophy of natural and ecological products goes one step further than Private  Ecological certifications, with Official Government Oraganic certification, Alissi Bronte grows its own organic certified plants, using the best raw materials in organic farming so that our products have maximum natural purity.

Thanks to our philosophy of using the best  organic crops we have obtained Certification from the Board of Organic Agriculture of the Region of Murcia.

Organic farming also known as biological or organic farming, is a way to nurture and care for the earth in a respectful and friendly way with nature, without using toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc.). Seedless or genetically modified crops (called GM or GMOs), without forcing fertility cycles. Its purpose is to get healthy plants, at the point of maturity, with all the aroma, texture, with all the vitality and all properties of healthy vegetation.

All of the companies packaged goods obtained according to organic production standards are certified "Organic farming" and are awared the certification for the European Union product or Biological Farming.

Alissi Bronte grows its own organic plants to obtain extracts, oils and natural environmental assets for greater effectiveness and healthier skin.

Our commitment to welfare ... A FUTURE

We help investigate welfare. We support serious and beneficial products for our health. Belong to the most important SPA partnership and Thalassotherapy. Since 1991, the International Spa Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing more than 3,200 health and wellness facilities and providers in 83 countries.

Its members span the full scope of the spa experience: doctors, health trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists and spa cosmetics makers.

ISPA advances the spa industry by providing invaluable educational opportunities and networking, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth.

The International SPA Association regulates the true spa products at a profit, that is why Alissi Bronte is a member of the association, providing our customers with genuine SPA products.

Alissi Bronte also has national certifications as:

Respect for animals

We do not use or carry out any animal testing. We support the protection of animal welfare in general. Concern for a healthy life ... EVERY DAY

Members of the Association "Vida Sana" (Healty Living). We work for the use of natural and ecological products. Our natural perfumes

Harvesting herbs in a naturally and environmentally friendly way. We use intact productive organs for subsequent steam distillation. The whole process of distillation is controlled by millimeter for Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils. All of these processes allow us to label our products "no synthetic perfumes" and only noted in the composition Parfum (Fragrance) as indicating the contribution of these natural perfumes. The aromatherapy of essential oils and quality essences allows us to acheive amazing Alissi Brontë products. The prestige of the High Natural Cosmetics with Organic Ingredients Your brand is Alissi Brontë...

For your health ... For the planet.

Scientific and effective natural cosmetics.


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