Chronological DNA + Tensine H2O Cream 30ml.

New bio-cosmetics based on DNA strands and the protective molecules in the cell nucleus. Slows the aging process in every cell of your skin, recovers elasticity, comfort and radiance, fading existing wrinkles and delays the appearance of new wrinkles. Gift  Tensine H2O Cream 30ml.

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Direct to the Nucleus. At maturity, the skin cells lose their nucleus weakening the structure of the stratum corneum. Alissi Brontë researchers have revealed for the first time the key role exerted by a polypeptide called Renove-Coll, known as the "Miracle Molecule" in this process.

This new era bio-cosmetic based on DNA strands and protective molecules in the cell nucleus slows the aging process in every cell of your skin:

  • Recovers the elasticity, comfort and skin radiance fading existing wrinkles and delaying the emergence of new ones.
  • It promotes the formation of new collagen fibers from within, aloowing maximum strengthening of the internal structure of the skin.

Chronological DNA offers the answer to genetic skin aging from 30 years.


Apply at home twice a day after cleaning the skin.




A luxury cream that provides the special care to control aging signs. It maintains the elasticity of the skin. Suitable for any age that suffers of extreme dryness thanks to its nutritive power.

Every day after cleansing and toning the skin, apply cream with gentle massaging upwards on face, neck and neckline at night to nourish and revitalize skin during the resting hours. By day, if necessary, apply it in the dullest and dry areas.