FASE 3 Draining

PHASE 3 - Draining - Ultrasonic. 15 ml

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FAS03DRA 15ml.

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Every woman has had one of those mornings when the mirror simply does not hide the truth. Lack of sleep, illness, irritation, stress or too much caffeine all reflected in your skin. For many, this results in dark circles, tired eyes, bags or crow's feet.

The skin around the eye is much thinner than other skin requires more intensive care and superficial. There are 3 million vibrations per second in the probe and 3 million vibrations per second and 3 million vibrations per second can not get under the skin. There are mainly three types of problems for the delicate eye: dark circles, bags and crow's feet.

Basic Method
1 - Apply the proper ratio of 3Fase on your face and avoid eye area. Please ensure that the treatment area is well covered with 3Fase and apply the proper ratio in the probe.
2 - Connect the equipment into electricity and plugged. (Only plugged into the electricity can use the ultrasonic)
3 - Use: 1. Sonic Pulsar once - the device operates in low-level sonic function while the sonic indicator is on. 2. Sonic press once again and the sonic apparatus operate according to higher level. 3. Sonic Press button a third time to turn off the unit. 4. At any level of Sonic, can activate ionic-ionic-in or out by pressing the related button, and activate the indicator Sonic & ion. When using the features ionic or ionic-out-in, you must hold the device with your thumb and forefinger on top silver parts.
4 - Clean the gel was left in the face after use.
Topical use.


Treatment around the eyes.
I. Crow's feet
Working a short time in the temple area.
1. Ion-out function for deep cleaning (1-3 min)
2. Ion-in functions and ultrasonic nutrition (2-4 min)
3. Finally apply an eye mask to contain the effect.
II. bags
Bags can be caused by poor circulation.
1. Ionic-out function for deep cleaning (1-3 min)
2. Ultrasonic Function:
• Along the line from the jaw to the root of your ears.
• Throughout the root of his ears to the supraclavicular fossa.
• Along the line from the supraclavicular fossa to the axilla.
• Along the line from the shadows under his eyes to the temples.
• Along the line from temple to the root of your ears.


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