Kit Mesotherapy System 3D

Pure Hyaluronic Acid in 3 dimensions
+ MicroRoller Dermal Titanium

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Highest Concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Salt of High and Low-Molecular-Weight Hyaluronic Acid.
-It provides the most intense moisturizing.
-It repairs the skin cohesion and the cell bindings to avoid the Trans Epidermal Water Loss.
-It acts on the synthesis of collagen I, firms the skin and reduces the flaccidity and the wrinkles.
-It soothes irritated skin and reduces the redness.
-It supplements or replaces the microinjections of hyaluronic acid. The skin is thus re-densified and moisturized progressively, it keeps its young, flexible, firm and without wrinkle appearance.

Dermal MicroRoller has been specially developed to recover the elasticity of the skin, significantly reduce wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks and mouth, and reduce scarring and/ or acne scars.
Dermal MicroRoller is a device that optimizes the effectiveness of any treatment Alissi Brontë in a simple non invasive and painless way. The application of Dermal MicroRoller is very effective in all areas of the face where you want to apply a cosmetic Alissi Brontë with an aesthetic purpose. It increases spectacularly to 40 times the penetration and effectiveness of the active substances.
Our Dermal MicroRoller incorporates minuscule Titanium needles which carry out micro- perforations on the skin surface that increasing the skin's permeability and improves incredibly the penetration of our facial treatments through the corneum stratum (outermost layer of skin), which acts as a protective barrier between the surface and the epidermis.

APPLICATION of 3D Biologic:
To apply the content of the blister on the skin. To use seguidamente MicroRoller Dermal increasing spectacularly the penetration and the efficacy up to 40 times. MicroRoller Dermal contains 192 Needles of 0.25 mm Titanium. It is possible to use approximately from 20 to 30 times for the same person. All the types of skin.

APPLICATION MicroRoller Dermal:
MicroRoller Dermal benefits when used together with 3D Biologic by Alissi Bronte: The process is completely natural. Penetration increases. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Visibly reduces the scars, sun damage and pigmentation. The skin becomes healthier. Can be used at home. The process is pain-free. There is no damage to the skin. Can be used in the thin skin. Helps to activate the collagen and elastin in the skin natural. Can be used in all areas of the face, neck and body. Suitable for all skin types, except for use in the active acne, eczema and we recommend that you do not pass on warts and moles. In cab. After each use, disinfect the roll at least 30 minutes in Isopropanol or disinfectant solution. The channels of infiltration in the skin are closed in less than 1 hour after the treatment. There is no tighten to simply run it, there is no pain, only the skin can blush and feel a tingling that passes quickly and the few hours is no longer note, why is better done at night and every 2 days in their personal care at home.


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