Intense regenerative treatment. Powerful anti-ageing Immune complex that helps the body to fight and prevent certain infections or illnesses specific to the skin, preventing ageing and recovering cellular youth.

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Le Creme de Thalissi active self-repair in skin cells, to erase the marks of age and fatigue. A unique natural complex of kelp, calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, vitamins C, D, E and B12, citrus oils, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower reactivate natural repair mechanisms and extensive recovery time of the skin. Your skin regenerates, is reconstructed, recovered in depth and looks visibly younger.

What's in?
Immune complex composed of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and
Brewer's Yeast Extract.
How do they work?
Vitamin E increases the lymphocyte population by mitogen stimulation. Also stimulates
delayed skin sensitivity. By increasing the Vitamin E increases interleukin-2.
A deficit of Vite, decrease antibody response to T-dependent antigens;
This situation could be exacerbated by lack of Vitamin C.
Small amounts of Vitamin E control lipid peroxidation in immune cells
modulating the activity of cyclooxygenase and prostanoids and lipid peroxidation that would generate
leukotrienes, molecules responsible in the modulation of inflammatory processes.
The cell walls of yeast (PCL) are being used for more than a decade
to improve health. The beta-glucan type polysaccharides and mannans are present in the PCL
incredible exercise effects on the immune system, has proven to PCL increased the
delayed skin hypersensitivity reaction or indirect determination of cellular immunity, this
immunomodulatory effect of the PCL, was able to provide benefits to stressed skin
inflammatory. The results of these experiments showed that the PCL added into cosmetic
can improve efficiency immunological part of the mechanism is related to foster
further development of Langerhans cells and maintain a better state of immunocompetent,
situation that may have benefits in environments with greater presence and microbial challenges

What is the effect on the skin?
Aging and Skin reactivity is linked to immune processes, this new
Thalissi bioactive power to the skin to improve and renew their immune status:
- Regulates inflammatory processes in reactive skin.
- Increases the skin's defenses prone to allergies.
- Regulates the aging process, increasing the number of cells Langerhans that activates naive T lymphocytes specific act specifically at sites of inflammation.
- Skin regains its ability to fight outside the particles or molecules human body, such as: UV rays, pollution, bacteria, viruses, etc..
- It strengthens the immune system to prevent the appearance of cells cancer.
- Prevents aging caused by free radicals that damage the capacity for cell division and hence for regeneration, this asset is a potent scavenger of free radicals and therefore a powerful anti-aging
maintaining the ability of regeneration and the youth of the skin cells.
APPLICATION: Apply once a day preferably at night on clean skin. Suitable for
sensitive dry skin and normal.